Offset printing

Heart of polygraphic production

Offset printing is the perfect solution if you need precisely processed printed materials in large volumes. The quality of the printed coloured area is always high thanks to the use of direct dyes. You can choose the paper size and weight. Offset printing is the cornerstone of polygraphy. Thanks to offset printing, we can deliver posters, leaflets, and catalogues in up to Size A0 in unlimited volumes at low prices.

Commercial printing

Make the perfect first impression

Do you want to impress your business partners or present your products to catch your customers' eye? Promotional leaflets and catalogues can help your clients decide whether they want to do business with you. Good product catalogues can have an immense effect on your business. This is why we keep up with the latest trends in advertising and marketing and are ready to offer you the best solutions. Commercial printing is our domain since the 90s.

We'll help you with choosing the right paper size for your products. All printed materials from brochures, to leaflets, catalogues, posters, annual reports, books, scientific publications, anthologies and magazines can be produced in atypical sizes with or without cutouts. The cherry on top is a number of refining methods, such as laminating, folioprinting, embossing, UV polish, and 3D printing. We also deliver precise Binding types V1, V2, V2PUR, and V4.

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Printed material customization

Where and to whom? Wherever and to whomever you wish...

Do you need personalised advertisement that will be sent directly to specific customers? Contact us. We'll design a solution tailored especially for you and provide a full service from printing to personalisation and delivery. Promotional leaflets will feature a unique tag with a delivery address and will be sent to customers.

Personalisation of printed materials is very popular in many fields. Every month, we print one million personalised leaflets for international chains.

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Instruction manuals, printed materials for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry

Size A2 into packet of 4x6cm without any hassle

We specialize in the production of folded instruction leaflets for the pharmaceutical, food and sanitary supply industry
We'll design a solution that will properly represent your products and meet the requirements of subsequent manipulation, such as automated insertion into the packaging.

During the production processes, we put emphasis on strict tolerance standards, print quality and express delivery. We are one of the few polygraphic companies specializing in folded instruction leaflets and are collaborating with international pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic. To produce folded instruction leaflets, we are using one of the most progressive machines by Herzog und Heymann.

We have the capacity to produce more than 500,000 pieces of instruction manuals per month. Give our services a try and see for yourself!

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Cut-outs and backing

Draw your customers’ attention

Backing and cut-outs ensure an original look, so your printed materials will capture your customers' attention at first sight. Both of these methods can be used together and both are popular finishing touches to printed materials. A clever cut-out or fold with backing may be the cherry on top that will make your product stand out. However, in many cases, cut-outs and perforations are very practical, too.


Backing, a method that connects two or more layers of material is popular when producing business cards, invitations, book covers and large format prints. Cut-outs are used for folders, files, tags, self-adhesive labels, or specially shaped greeting cards.


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Nice packaging catches the eye

Catch your customers' and partners' eye with original packaging for your products. We'll give you advice, design the packaging and produce it - from special Christmas packaging to new packaging for food products, limited edition beer coasters, and cardboard packages for beer or wine. We also know how to make special promotional gadgets for pub tables. We are versatile and have fun creating new items!

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